What is OTA?

OTA (Over-The-Air) is a software update which is AXTROM’s new delivery system that pushes software and firmware upgrade packages directly on to your AXTROM AXPAD tablets.

As we constantly strive to improve the AXPAD experience AXTROM will continuously update the software to do so. Once connected to the internet via Wi-Fi, the OTA program automatically runs in the background to detect any new software or firmware update for your AXPAD tablets.

A popup will open if a new update is found and you can then decide whether to download and install the update at the time. Alternatively you can go into your AXPAD tablet’s SETTING >SYSTEM >AXPAD( MODEL NO) >SYSTEM UPDATES >CHECK NOW to manually search and upgrade to the latest version. For older models (7I01P, 9E01, 8E02) the first OTA needs to be initiated by the user.

Our server, located in Dubai, will allow all users in GCC and surrounding countries to quickly update their AXTROM AXPAD tablets to the latest version to keep having a great experience.


  1. Connect to your Wireless Network and make sure your tab’s battery has at least 30% Charge.

  2. Tap the APPS Menu on your Home Screen, then tap the SETTINGS icon

  3. Scroll Down to the SYSTEM info. Tap AXPAD 97E01 -> SYSTEM UPDATES

  4. Enable AUTO CHECK UPDATE then tap the CHECK NOW button.(Note: When Auto Check Update is ON -> your tab will automatically connect to the AXTROM OTA Server and check if there’s any available update and prompt you to download)

  5. Your tablet will connect to AXTROM OTA Server and will give information regarding the available update.

  6. OR


    Press Yes to continue


    After download,device will reboot into recovery system automatically, this time can't be shutdown the power, wait the update process finished, the device will boot into the android main interface.