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Android's Applications

Sean Brunett One Today by Google

My app this week is a Google app, but one that does not get as much attention as it deserves. One Today is a fantastic app that lets you donate to different worthy causes once a day. It was invite only until recently, but now is open to the public. Here is how it works: Every day, you will get a notification about a new cause that you can donate to. You can choose to donate to that cause or choose something else that matters a little more to you. For each organization or charity, you can view a description, how the money is used and how far your dollar will go. You then choose to either donate $1 to the project or you choose to match donations made by your friends. Once you have donated, you cannot donate again until the next day. I think it's a brilliant idea and a brilliant app. They keep is cheap so it works as more of a micro-donation that many will donate to. They choose worthwhile causes; everyone will find something that they care about enough to donate. I have been loving this app since I was able to get it and I hope most of you consider downloading it and donating to good causes with it.


Chris Parsons - Re-Volt: Classic

I'm reaching back to another classic game from my younger years that has now seen a mobile revamp. Having first been released by the now defunct Acclaim back in 1999, Re-Volt: Classic is a fun little racer that strays a bit from the norm in the fact you're not actually racing real race cars. Instead, you're presented to be racing radio-controlled race cars through normal, everyday obstacles. All in all, there is 14 tracks to play through and 42 different cars to be obtained. The controls are simple and based on just steering left and right, acceleration is automatically controlled and braking is handled just by placing two fingers on the display. That type of control makes it fun and easy for everyone to pick it up and just go. Re-Volt: Classic is available in two versions really. The ad infused demo version is available as a free download while the full featured and paid version is also available. If you're on the fence, grab the free version and give it a go. If you decide you want the full version, that will set you back around $4.50.

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Casey Rendon Final Fantasy V

Ah, the Final Fantasy series. A good many hours of my childhood were spent leveling up, collecting items, and traversing the dungeons of many games in this series. For anyone that isn't familiar with [s]Squaresoft's[/s] Square Enix's famous franchise, Final Fantasy is a series of Role Playing Games where the player assumes the role of a hero who collects weapons, armor, magic spells, and comrades on his or her quest to defend the land against a great evil and that evil's minions. This particular game, Final Fantasy V, was never originally released in the U.S. In America, it went from Final Fantasy IV (which was called Final Fantasy II here) to Final Fantasy VI (which was called Final Fantasy III here), both of which were released for Super Nintendo. FFV was eventually released many years later for the Playstation and Game Boy Advance. The game begins with a wanderer named Bartz and his trusty Chocobo steed (giant yellow bird he rides) named Boko. He runs into a damsel in distress in the woods, and from there quickly becomes enveloped in a plot to defend the world's four magic Crystals against the evil sorcerer Exdeath. This time around, the game gets a full graphical makeover with HD graphics, a new touch interface, and in game additions like new job types for the game's job system. If you've played this game before and want an excuse to play it again, you played the other Final Fantasy games for Super Nintendo and enjoyed them, or you're just a fan of old school RPGs, this game is a great way to kill some time. It's not cheap, but it is on sale for 30% off, bringing the price down to $10.99 in the Play Store.



Simon Sage - Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign

Match three puzzle games have been done to death, but if you toss in some proper strategy mechanics, and super heroes you know and love, you can get something fresh. Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign gives players a team of heroes. The game board is littered with random tiles, each corresponding to a hero. Line up a match, and that hero attacks whichever bad guy is in front and takes a hit from that bad guy in return. Villains put special attacks on individual tiles with a timer; if you can't match that tile before the turn countdown winds down, you'll get hit with a doozy. As you collect specific tiles, you also charge up your own super-powers, which can be upgraded as you chew through the single player campaign. Once you're through the story, you can launch into online multiplayer. Comic fans looking for a casual time killer will probably get a kick out of Marvel Puzzle Quest the snappy writing, polished graphics, and long-term progression are all solid.


Andrew Martonik - CBS

The last few weeks I've been featuring apps that have helped me keep up with TV without a full-blown cable setup, and this week I'm going to feature another app in that genre -- CBS. If you're a fan of CBS content (Big Bang Theory, anyone?), you can keep up with full episodes right on your phone or tablet with this app. It's unfortunate that the different cable channels make you jump through the hoop of having their apps installed to get a good selection of shows, but at least they're available somewhere. This is a good one to keep in your stable of cord-cutting cable replacement apps.


Shooting game -new campaign and plane

To play the new campaign, you'll need to plunk down 750 medals (the game's currency). If you're new to the game or just don't have that much scratch, you'll need to either grind for a while or make an In-App Purchase to afford the set. The medal packages are actually pretty cheap, so at least you won't have to break the bank if you're dying to try the new content. Like the three previous batches of levels, 'Night Over Europe' includes three full levels and a boss stage. These levels take place at dusk and at night, giving them a unique look compared to past stages. You'll encounter a fair number of ghost enemies glowing planes who fill the screen with bullets and can withstand more than their share of firepower. All of the enemies in 'Night Over Europe' put up a mean fight, in fact. Shoot-em-ups are a challenging genre in general. Shmup fans often prefer a sadistic level of challenge. Those guys will feel right at home in 4-3 when having to navigate between mine fields while dodging enemy fire. The catch is that if you shoot a mine very much (you can't move without firing) it will explode in a hail of bullets. The dense minefield and mass of enemies can make mincemeat of even a fully upgraded plane. At least the game allows players to purchase a single extra life should they go down for 100 medals. 'Night Over Europe' culminates in a battle against the less than friendly Commander Meiler. His plane fills the screen with bullets, though skilled players should be able to weave through most of them. Meiler also has a tendency to leave the screen and then fly at the hero from behind. Should the new levels or past ones prove too challenging, the new pilot might help. Tykers flies the P-59 plane, which can be unlocked for 400 medals. After purchasing him, players can use Tykers in any level of their choosing. Tykers essentially acts as the game's "easy" mode. His upgradable abilities make his plane smaller and harder to hit and even provide a health boost when enemy bullets almost graze the plane. It should be fun to replay levels with the P-59 and see how it performs compared to the other two planes Aces currently offers.