• Atomo Series
    Model No: SP106

    Targeted at music lovers, the Atomo b features Bluetooth wireless audio transmission which allows users to listen to music and talk on the phone all without cable. With a 40mm driver unit‚ the device has been tuned for clarity.

  • Atomo Series
    Model No: SP105SE

    This eclectic portable loudspeaker is designed for the techno savvy. Plug in your external SD card or USB socket and connect the Atomo SE with an iPad/iPod/iPhone/tablet PC/MP3 players and Notebooks. The extendable design can increase the treble, bass and sound.

  • Atomo Series
    Model No: SP103

    These nifty, dual loudspeakers can be attached to any music player. The unique high-quality design is specifically sculpted for bass boost technology and comes in black, red, blue and white.

  • Atomo Series
    Model No: SP102

    The mini portable speaker is designed with bass boost technology and a 2W power output and is available in silver/chrome, black, red, blue, white and pink.

  • 2.0Ch Speakers
    Model No: SP200

    Enhanced 2.0-channel USB powered speaker system is ideal for any audio device, laptop or desktop computer setups. The rear-loaded volume control allows for quick audio adjustment.

  • 2.0Ch Speakers
    Model No: SP400

    Compact, low-profile design ideal for desks with limited space. Equiped with a convenient on-speaker volume control this speaker offers rich and strong stereo sound. Simple setup, just connect the speaker to your audio device or laptop with a standard 3.5mm jack or a USB plug. ...

  • 2.0Ch Speakers
    Model No: SP300

    Powered via USB, which means you can use it virtually everywhere.Simply connect to your audio device or notebook and use without any power sockets. Equiped with a convenient speaker volume control, this unique speaker offers rich and strong stereo sound.

  • 2.1Ch Speakers
    Model No: SP500

    Acoustic balanced wooden subwoofer fills your room with big satisfying sound. 2.1 speaker system designed to provide good audio for all your entertainment needs, be it for PC, notebook or other audio devices. The compact subwoofer fits into small spaces and delivers deeper bass w...